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New concept of dryer

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Pivoan has developed a unique concept of PET processing after accumulating more than 1,500 installation experiences spanning a wide range of applications, with the current trend of PET markets offering innovative solutions for energy use.

The Intelligent Patented Energy Management Toolkit (EMK) PET drying system automatically adjusts the drying process based on the actual throughput of the line, controlling the amount of energy required to dry the air, heat the air, the dwell time of the material in the hopper, the required cooling Water and a series of drying parameters, to ensure that does not produce waste energy, the energy used by the dryer just on demand.
If the production line is only up to 60% of the maximum capacity, the dryer function can be adjusted accordingly to ensure the same process, the function can be set within the range of 100% to a minimum of 40% drying capacity, to save 50% Of the energy needed to heat the air, and up to 30% of the total energy consumption.
With its low cost, simple construction and easy operation, workers simply enter the hourly throughput of the machine on the control panel and can be used in new drying systems and retrofitting existing systems without compromising final product quality and total Is the ideal parameter needed to get the right PET finish.

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