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Spray drying desulfurization technology in the protection of ecological environment

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Key word:Spray drying desulfurization technology in the protection of ecological environment

As the energy consumption in the world increases year by year, the burning and utilization of coal as primary energy releases a large amount of sulfur dioxide and the regional acid rain formed by it. It has caused serious pollution to the environment, and it destroys the ecological balance and causes a large area of forest Destruction, soil acidification of the lake, building corrosion and so on.
Therefore, controlling and reducing sulfur dioxide emissions is a very important task. Among the many desulfurization technologies, the use of spray drying to remove sulfur dioxide from the flue gas is an increasingly important technology. The technology started its research in the 1970s and was put into commercial operation in the late 1970s. It has the advantages of less investment, simple operation, high desulfurization efficiency and no secondary pollution. Compared with the wet method widely used in flue gas desulfurization, the desulfurization by spray drying method has more selectivity and development value.
Spray drying gel technology can be widely used in an important prerequisite is whether to solve the rational development and utilization of a large number of dry powder sulfate. Can be recycled as an absorbent, part of the dry material can be recycled, as the earth's additives, into the paste for the cement retarder, made of grainy artificial gravel, as a filler of building materials instead of commonly used Concrete and asphalt.

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