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Belt dryer applications and selection

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Key word:Belt dryer applications, belt dryer selection

The use of belt dryer is very wide, at present in the pharmaceutical, food, biological, chemical and other fields already have its useless. However, the standard of selection in each field is not the same. This is because there is a big difference between the requirements and parameters of dry materials in all fields. For example: in the pharmaceutical industry (especially traditional Chinese medicine), the general viscosity of the extract are large, and the drying temperature is more stringent, the melting point of the control to be precise (especially polysaccharide materials), the degree of vacuum control to be different Section of the heating temperature requirements and to have online automatic adjustment function and so on. In addition, the detection system should be as perfect as possible to meet the pharmaceutical GMP standard. For the food industry, the solid content of the material extract is generally relatively large (65%), the yield requirements and product specific volume, the appearance is the vacuum belt dryer selection criteria in the key, food-grade vacuum belt Dryer type selection process has two elements must not be ignored: one is the unit of energy consumption than the problem, the other is supporting equipment such as raw materials before delivery, after drying the product crushing and packaging. As for the biological, chemical vacuum belt dryer used in various forms of products, so the selection criteria is extremely complex, so be extra careful.
The first step in choosing a vacuum belt dryer is that it is important to sample the dry material. Therefore, whether equipment suppliers have material testing equipment and experienced samplers is the most direct way for customers to measure the true capabilities of manufacturers. The manufacturers of qualified vacuum belt dryers generally provide the customers with the shortest time after material test, including: the actual material evaporation, the dynamic vacuum drying, the distribution of the drying temperature, the size of the feed, the actual drying time , The actual product capacity, energy consumption per unit ratio and other technical reports, to facilitate customers to choose according to the requirements to meet the production equipment model and specifications.
The second step in choosing a vacuum belt dryer is to look at the manufacturer's design level and manufacturing capabilities. The manufacturer usually provides a first draft of the technical design plan based on the test report of the material according to the customer's production index and working conditions and makes a detailed statement on the design reason in the plan. The technical design is an extremely important part of the evaluation of the manufacturer's ability to manufacture the vacuum belt dryer. In particular, the manufacturer's description of the key technologies of the equipment is described in terms of the design of the vacuum system, the design of the heating system, Design, cleaning system design and feeding, the discharge system design. Another aspect of manufacturing capability is examining the actual usage of the manufacturer's user. Customers can request a site visit based on the list of users provided by the manufacturer. If the manufacturer does have such a reasonable demand that the customer does not normally refuse the customer, some may even provide multiple visiting options for the customer to choose from. Companies that have limited manufacturing capabilities or have low levels of technology are generally struggling with this.
The third step in choosing a vacuum belt dryer is to examine the manufacturer's actual processing capacity and production scale. At present, there are no more than three domestic enterprises with serialized design and production capacity, especially for manufacturers with an annual output of more than 10 vacuum belt dryers (especially large or very large equipment with more than 6 drying beds) There are 1 ~ 2. Therefore, most domestic manufacturers are difficult to form a vacuum belt dryer parts standardized processing, to provide customers with product maintenance and repair, as well as the exchange of components, accessories, there are major problems, often directly affect the user Of production efficiency, the other due to lack of practical experience, the mechanical structure of the device, the rationality of configuration, manufacturing precision requirements, etc. can not be considered very comprehensive. The vacuum belt dryer due to large size, auxiliary equipment and more, high configuration requirements, the intermediate link is complex and so on, to maintain the operating conditions of the machine for a long time is not easy. The price of such equipment is also relatively expensive. Users are generally optimistic about its drying ability and technical superiority, and spend huge sums of money purchasing it. Therefore, it hopes to recover the cost as soon as possible to improve the economic benefits of the enterprise. Therefore, the purchase of equipment must choose a large scale, have the actual design and manufacturing experience and have a reliable after-sales service assurance system manufacturers can rest assured, of course, such manufacturers provide vacuum belt dryer general price slightly higher, but For users in the use of a sense of security, the customer must not be coveted for the cheap and may affect the overall situation.
Application range
It is especially suitable for materials with high water content and dehydration of dehydrated vegetables and Chinese herbal medicine, which are not allowed to have high temperature. The series of dryers are characterized by high drying speed, Evaporation of high strength, good product quality advantages. For dewatered cake paste material, to be granulated or made into a rod can also be dried.

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